How to Decorate Your Christmas Table

The Christmas tree is ready, the wreath is already hanging outside the door, the menu is well thought, ready to be cooked. Now you only need to prepare the table.

Here a video that shows you how to decorate your Christmas table with DIY Christmas table decorations.


Tips when decorate Christmas table

Decide theme color
First thing first, decide your Christmas table color. It’s very important thing to know exactly what kind of color combination you’ll use for Christmas table. Don’t forget to consider your room space and the lighting inside the room. You can choose among the traditional combinations like white and blue, red and gold/silver, or go simple with 1 solid color.

Pay attention to detail
Many people always focus on the total look but forget about the detail. Napkin rings, guests chair space, wine bucket, and perfumed items are the most thing people always think too trivial to look twice.

Place your guests neither too close to each other nor too far, so they can talk to each other easily but also not difficult to leave the table. Don’t use perfumed candles as not all your guest would love it. In fact, some people hate it! Also, some of those candles strong enough to interfere your dishes flavor.

Don’t overdo it
Held a perfect and successful Christmas dining is a great achievement for any Christmas hosts. The problem is, when you over-excited then overdo it, somehow problem seems coming to you.

Talk to your guests into wearing ridiculous Christmas hats or light your dining room with same amount of bulbs you would use for an amusement park is totally not necessary. You might be scaring your guests off with that. As long as your guests feel comfortable and cozy, you already did a great job.

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