How to Make Christmas Pop Up Card

Christmas is coming, guys! Have you prepared your Christmas cards? I always love receive a bunch of cards during Christmas. It’s part of Christmas tradition that will keep you in touch with family and friends.

The custom of sending Christmas cards began in 1840 when the first public postal made their deliveries after the invention if the railways. Before Christmas card was produced, people would write their Christmas greetings handwritten and sent it as ordinary letter. But, as soon as printing methods improved, people choose to send Christmas card instead of letter because of two reasons. First, card could be posted in an unsealed envelope, and second, it cost only half the price of ordinary letter to post.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find any kinds of Christmas greetings, with large variety of pictures and texts. But, making your own Christmas cards will give you special satisfaction that you will not receive if you just grab some cards in the store. If you’ve never made your own Christmas cards before, then now is the time to start! It won’t even take you very long plus because it’s handmade, it will become a unique Christmas card that your friends can’t find anywhere.

How to choose the right paper?
You can use all kinds of paper to create your Christmas card. For me, I prefer thick one, so it got more volume and feel like commercially-produced cards. Another type of paper I would like to use for my Christmas card is scrapbook paper because it has many patterns and textures choice.

Card composition
Merry Christmas are the words that will undoubtedly you put in your greeting cards. Simple and meaningful, but if you just insert those words, your card will look very plain.

Add another phrase like Warm Winter Wishes or Have a Holly Jolly Christmas with decorative letters. If the decorative letter is not your expertise, use the help of computer programs such as MS. Word. You just need to set the page size to fit the size of your card and press the print button.

Additional touch 
You can add some extra flourishes on the card to make it look creative. A ribbon on the front of the card, a bit of glitter and some festive stickers will make your cards look much more attractive. You can also cut the ends so that the card has rounded corners.

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